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Alfred Cramer

Associate Professor

Pomona College
Claremont, California

Email: acramer(a)pomona.edu 

awc04747 at pomona.edu is the official address, which also works.

I teach Music Theory at Pomona College. I also play the violin.



Music 80: Theory I (Fall)
Music 81: Theory II (Fall)
Music 82: Theory III (Spring)
Music 149: Music Perception and Cognition (Spring)

Other courses taught in recent years

ID1: Critical Inquiry Seminar (Music in a Culture of Literacy)
Music 4: Materials of Music
Music 80 Lab: Musicianship Skills for Theory I
Music 86: Music in Theory and Practice
Music 91: Sites of Sound: Music, Technology, Aural Culture, Film
Music 190: Senior Seminar [Schoenberg, Webern, and Berg]

Click here for music manuscript paper in .pdf format.


I am married to YouYoung Kang, who teaches music theory at Scripps College.