Colin J. Beck

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology at Pomona College, and a faculty affiliate of the International Relations Program.

My research lies in the areas of political and global-transnational sociology with quantitative and comparative-historical approaches. I am particularly interested in non-routine forms of contentious politics, such as revolution and political violence, and the impact of globalization on states and societies. Currently, I am working on a series of projects on the global dimensions of revolution, terrorist repertoire classification and formation, and how knowledge accumulates through methods of comparative analysis.

I am currently Secretary-Treasurer of the American Sociological Association's Global and Transnational Sociology Section as well as the Comparative and Historical Sociology Section. At Pomona, I co-founded the Social Science Research Confab and teach courses on social movements, global sociology, social theory, and research methodology. My curriculum vitae has more details about my background and professional activities.


"Reflections on the Revolutionary Wave in 2011." Theory and Society, 2014. [pdf]

"Who Gets Designated a Terrorist and Why?" Social Forces, 2013, with Emily Miner. [pdf]

"The World-Cultural Origins of Revolutionary Waves: Five Centuries of European Contention." Social Science History, 2011. [pdf]

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How do I write a research paper? Research papers are not only a common class assignment, but the primary way that professionals disseminate social science. Writing a good research paper requires framing an interesting question, posing an answer informed by prior academic research, collecting and analyzing evidence, and matching the question to an argument and the argument to evidence through structured writing

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To contact me, you are best off using email. I also sometimes appreciate the 19th century anachronisms of standardized postal delivery and telephone calls:

    Department of Sociology
    Pomona College
    420 N. Harvard Ave
    Claremont, CA 91711
    (909) 621-8510