Christopher M. Chinn
Past Courses/Sample Syllabi for teaching portfolio

The following list contains links to syllabi for classes I have taught in the past (see the main page for my current courses). The list is by no means exhaustive, but is intended to provide a sense of the breadth of my teaching experience.

Latin Courses


Intro, Fall (Pomona)
Intro, Spring (Pomona)
Accelerated (Pomona)


Cicero and Ovid (Pomona)
Cicero (Bucknell)
Epistolography (UCLA)
Cicero and Catullus (UCLA)
Vergil (Pomona)


Livy (Bucknell)
Imperial Roman Poetry (UCLA)
Latin Prose Comp (Bucknell)
Early Augustan Poetry (Pomona)
Ovid (Pomona)
Catullus and Horace (Pomona)
Lucan (Pomona)
Livy and Vergil (Pomona)
Golden vs. Silver Latin (Pomona)

Greek Courses


Intro, Fall (Pomona)
Intro, Spring (Pomona)
Accelerated (Pomona)
Accelerated (UW)


Homer and Euripides (Pomona)
Lysias and Euripides (Pomona)


Sophocles' Antigone (Bucknell)
Attic Orators (Pomona)
Sophocles and Euripides (Pomona)
Homer (Pomona)

Classics Courses

Greek and Roman Classics (Pomona)
Senior Seminar (Pomona)
Greek Tragedy (Bucknell)
Roman Civilization (Bucknell)
Roman Life and Lit (Pomona)
The Ancient Novel (Bucknell)
Heroic Epic (Bucknell)
The Epic Tradition (Pomona)
Ancient Comedy (Bucknell)
Spectacles of Rome (UCLA)
Roman Decadence (Pomona)
Mythology (UW)
Bioscientific Vocabulary (UW)

Other Courses