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I have read many books in 6/09-8/14 some of which I wrote about for the MAA Reviews. I also wrote a review or two for the AWM Newsletter and one for the College Mathematics Journal. But I did not get around to writing much about the books I read that were not "part of the job". In fact I uncomfortably admit my lack of reading diversity during this period. I did read several books on parenting and many books on cognition and education, for the two recent freshman seminars I have developed. But the first set seemed too self-centered to write about and the second was still work. But now that my daughter is starting her own reading journal, I decided to get back to jotting down some reading notes here, at least to keep myself accountable (I have to read a book worth writing about approximately every month!) And if some of those books are about parenting or teaching, then so be it. I am after all a teacher and a mother... This does not make me less of a mathematician, less of a woman, less of a writer, less of a reader.
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