On Campus:

The NRC is providing housing for participants in Riverbend Commons on the University of Minnesota Campus. Here is a map and photo of where you can find Riverbend Commons:


and a map of the Twin Cities:


After checking into your room the first official event is the mixer Tuesday evening (8/2) at 7pm. This will be held at the Campus Club in Coffman Memorial Union


which is a very short walk from Riverbend Commons.

Travel Logistics From the Minneapolis--St. Paul International Airport to Riverbend Commons

Public Transportation

Maybe the best way to get to Riverbend Commons from the airport is to take the light rail system. It’s fast (about 40 minutes) easy and inexpensive ( $1.50 for non-rush hours and $2.00 for rush hours).

If you arrive in the Lindbergh Terminal take the escalator down to the sub level. There, you will take a short shuttle trip to the Transit Plaza. (Passengers arriving at the Humphrey Terminal will have a short walk to the Train Station).

Catch the Hiawatha Light Rail going north to downtown Minneapolis (this is the only direction it goes). Take it to the Metrodome Station stop.
(About 16-20 minutes). Walk to 4th Street South and Kirby Puckett Avenue (Chicago), it’s very close, and catch an east bound #16 bus (16 Univ Ave/St Paul). Five to ten minutes later you will be in front of Coffman Memorial Union on Washington Avenue. Get off and walk block southwest to Riverbend Commons where you will sign in.

The first train is at 4:14 AM and the last train is at 12:58AM. If you need more information, call 612.373.3333 and an information officer will help you. You can also go to Metro Transit or ask at the transportation desk in the airport. The Metro Transit web site can be found here http://www.metrotransit.org/

Taxi Service

Taxis are available at the Lindbergh and Humphrey Terminals.

Riverbend Commons is approximately 11 miles from the airport, with fares averaging $22.00 to $28.00, not including tip. All cab fares are metered and include a $2.25 trip fee which allows drivers to recoup airport permit fees. Travel time is approximately 20 minutes.


Most major rent-a-car companies are represented at the airport. There will be a charge to park your car on campus. Perhaps the most convenient parking place is the Washington Avenue Ramp