In Memory of Arnold Beckman…


Arnold Beckman's foundation established the

Beckman Scholars Program among other worthy

endeavors.  One of the rituals of the annual

Beckman Scholars’ symposium is to introduce the new scholars to Dr. Beckman as a human of high values as well as introducing them to his scientific achievements of note.  No one could have been a more inspiring advocate of scientific integrity than Arnold Beckman, and this comes through very clearly in these introductions.  It’s also clear that he loved to uncover the mysteries of nature more than planning how to become a wealthy scientist: a salutary role model for today's students.  Anecdotes illustrate his supportive friendship with his colleagues and students as well.  Finally, his sense of humor shines through in the introductory materials, and enlivens the listeners with a feeling that they wanted to know this man, if possible as a friend and mentor.   The Pomona College Beckman Scholars and mentors celebrate the life and spirit of Dr. Arnold Beckman through their research and encourage all to find out more about him in the hope that he may be an inspiration to as many as possible.

Synopsis of Arnold O Beckman’s Rules for Life

Maintain absolute integrity at all times.

Always do your best: never do anything half-heartedly.

Never do anything to harm others.

Never do anything for which you will be ashamed later.

Always strive for excellence—there’s no substitute for it.

Practice moderation in all things-including moderation.

Never take yourself too seriously.


For authoritative information concerning Dr. Arnold O. Beckman, please go to the site for the Beckman Foundation