Beckman Scholars at Pomona College History 2001-3

In 2001, The Beckman Foundation selected Pomona College to be among the colleges and universities awarding BECKMAN SCHOLARSHIPS for a three year period, during which 4 Beckman Scholars at Pomona College were chosen.  The first Beckman Scholar was Ben Allen, shown below.

President Peter Stanley congratulates the first Pomona College Beckman Scholar, Benjamin Allen, in May, 2001.  His project was "NMR Spectroscopic and Molecular Modeling Studies of Hydrogen Bonding in Isotopically Perturbed Rigid Amines", and his mentor was Dan O'Leary of the Chemistry Department.

President Peter Stanley and Beckman Scholarship Coordinator Professor Laura L. Mays Hoopes celebrate with Benjamin Allen, the first Pomona College Beckman Scholar and Sumire Kawai, the alternate, in May, 2001.

In 2002, two more Beckman Scholars were selected, Janetta Iwanicki and Michelle Yuen.  Janetta was a Biology major and Michelle was a Molecular Biology major. 


Janetta Iwanicki, awardee for 2002-3, conferring with her mentor, Clarissa Cheney.  Her project was "Exploring a Myosin VIIa as a Possible Interactor with GDI in Vesicle Transport during Drosophila development."  

Michelle Yuen, Beckman Scholar for 2002-3.  Her project was "Investigation of Increased Replication Fork Stalling and Altered Gene Expression in Early Aging Yeast Mutants." She worked with mentor Laura Hoopes.

Mary (Molly) Rorick was selected in spring, 2003 to be the final 

Beckman Scholar at Pomona College under the first grant.  

Her mentor is Daniel Martinez, and she studies evolution of 

transcription factors of Hydra and related species.