Opportunities for Pomona College Beckman Scholars 


A special opportunity for Beckman Scholars is to attend the annual Beckman Symposium.  Pomona College Beckman Scholar Michelle Yuen was selected to speak at the Beckman Symposium, 2003.  Dan Holtzman was selected to speak in 2006 (see the pictures from that presentation under the link on the main site).   All Scholars attending the Symposium are encouraged to present posters.

Janetta Iwanicki also presented her work at the 2003 Beckman Scholars Symposium.  Ben Allen presented his research at the  2002 Beckman Scholar Symposium; photographs can be seen on the Dan O'Leary web site:



The Robbins Lecture is an annual event at Pomona College during which a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry or someone thought likely to be a future laureate is invited to campus for a week of lectures and student/faculty interactions.  The Beckman Scholars are invited to a lunch with the Robbins Lecturer.  In 2002, Ahmed Zewail (Nobel Laureate, in Chemistry, 1999) was the Robbins Lecturer.  In Spring, 2003, the Chemistry Department Robbins Lectures were delivered by Barry Sharples.  While he was at Pomona College, he had a special meeting to discuss research with the current and past Beckman Scholars Ben Allen, Michelle Yuen, and Janetta Iwanicki.  The picture below shows Janetta, Dr. Sharples, Ben and Michelle.


Janetta Iwanicki, Robbins Lecturer Dr. Barry Sharples, Ben Allen, and Michelle Yuen.

The faculty mentors have their Beckman Scholars present results at major annual meetings such as ACS, ASM, and others.  The funding from the grant enables this in part, but if insufficient funding is available, the Dean of the College's office will support the additional travel expenses of the Beckman Scholars. Michelle Yuen presented her results on Sir2 effects on young yeast cell gene expression at the American Society for Cell Biology meetings in San Francisco in December, 2002.


Michelle Yuen explains data to John Aitchison and another scientist

Pomona College has on campus opportunities for students to present their work also.  Molly Rorick presented her new, exciting results on in situ hybridization for location of expression in Hydra at the Biology poster conference at Pomona College, summer, 2003:


The following academic year, she presented her research at a national meeting and also at an international meeting in Germany.

Local institutions such as the Beckman Research Institute at City of Hope National Medical Center, California Institute of Technology, and UCLA have lectures and symposia that are of interest to Beckman Scholars.  Pomona College enables the selected students to attend such events with a driving expense reimbursement and registration subsidy.

There is a special 25 minute presentation of the senior thesis projects of Beckman Scholars each year, including the mentors and other faculty and students from the Chemistry and Biology Departments.  In 2003, all three graduating Beckman Scholars presented wonderful research findings at the Symposium.