Pomona College Beckman Scholars Program, 2004-5

The first scholar for our second grant  was chosen in spring, 2004, by a panel of the mentors.  The scholar selected was Charles Hummel, a sophomore student working with E. J. Crane on the oxidative metabolism of thermophilic achaebacteria.  Charles conducted original experiments in summer, 2004, the academic year 2004-5, and continuing to the summer of 2005.  He continued aspects of this research for his senior thesis in 2005-6.  

The second and third scholars were chosen in spring, 2005.  The second scholar is Dan Holtzman, working with Cris Cheney on Gint's role in rabGDI function in Drosophila development.  The third is Paul Robustelli, working with Wayne Steinmetz on NMR of antibiotic structures.  These two were chosen from a very strong field of candidates and are well underway with very exciting projects in biology and chemistry.  Please see pictures of them presenting at the 2006 Beckman symposium by clicking on the link for that symposium on the main Beckman page. 

In spring, 2006, Gloria Yiu was chosen to receive the scholarship.  She began her research with Laura Hoopes on the role of methylation genes in regulation of yeast aging proceses in summer, 2006 and attended the 2006 Beckman Scholars Symposium.  See a picture of Gloria on the site for that symposium.