2006 Beckman Symposium at Newport Beach, CA

Attended by Beckman Fellows Dan Holtzman, Paul Robustelli, and Gloria Yiu and Mentors Laura Hoopes and Wayne Steinmetz


Dan Holtzman gave a talk on his research on Saturday, July 29.

Dr. Hoopes introduced him for his mentor, Dr. Cris Cheney.  His talk was entitled, "Mutational analysis of Drosophila Rab GDI interaction with the UBX domain protein Gint3."



Paul Robustelli gave a poster on his research on Saturday, July 29.


Dr Wayne Steinmetz did his best to make sure the poster presenters were on their toes.


New fellow, Gloria Yiu, circulated among the posters and got to know people.


Dr Laura Hoopes toured the posters too, enjoying the expertise of the Beckman Fellows.