Texts and Reading Assignments for the ID1 Bio Bio Seminar:

            The seminar will read biographies, and in addition you need to obtain D. Hacker’s A Writer’s Reference, 5th edition, available in the bookstore, which will be used in class from time to time for our discussions of writing.  We will read about 100-150 pages per week, but there will be weeks with a lighter assignment.  The assigned books include Darwin’s autobiography, Microbe Hunters by Paul de Kruif, two books about the discovery of DNA (Watson on Watson and Sayre on Franklin), one about Nobel laureate Barbara McClintock’s career including her studies of genes as parts of chromosomes and her discovery of jumping genes, and one about Francois Jacob with some philosophical thoughts about science and scientists, called The Statue Within.  We will also read a biographical book about David Baltimore’s discovery of viral replication/reverse transcriptase, his concerns about recombinant DNAs and involvement in the moratorium begun by scientists, and his long ethics case brought by people at the National Institutes of Health. Baltimore is currently the president of Caltech and still an active immunology researcher there; he will be speaking on campus on November 20. We will read one book about a married couple, the Grants, and their research on evolution on isolated islands, called The Beak of the Finch.  Finally, we will read Invisible Frontiers, presenting biographical insights about several leaders of the biotechnology industry in their early days.  Bibliographical information about these texts will be available to you on the course web site for use in citing them in papers.

List of texts for Biographies of Biologists/ Hoopes ID 1 class, Pomona, fall, 2003


Author:                         Charles Darwin (Edited by Nora Barlow)

Title:                             The Autobiography of Charles Darwin, 1809-1882, WW Norton &

Company, New York and London, 1958

ISBN:                          0-393-31069-8


Author:             Paul de Kruif

Title:                             Microbe Hunters, Harvest Books, San Diego, New York, London, 

1926, renewed 1954.

ISBN if available:            0-15-600262-0


Author:                         Evelyn Fox-Keller

Title:                             A Feeling for the Organism: The Life and Work of Barbara

McClintock, WH Freeman and Company, New York and San

Francisco, 1983

ISBN:                          0-7167-1433-7


Author:                         James D. Watson

Title:                             The Double Helix, Mentor Book, New American Library, New

York and Scarborough, Ont, 1968.


Author:             Anne Sayre

Title:                             Rosalind Franklin and DNA WW Norton and Company, New

York and London, 1995

isbn:                             0-393-00868-1


Author:             Francois Jacob

Title:                             The Statue Within, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, Cold

Spring Harbor, NY, 1995.

ISBN if available:            0-87969-476-9


Author:                         Shane Crotty

Title:                             Ahead of the Curve: David Baltimore’s Life in Science, University

of California Press, Berkeley, Los Angeles, London, 2001

ISBN:                          0-520-22557-0


Author:             Jonathan Weiner

Title:                             The Beak of the Finch, Vintage Books div of Random House, New

York, 1994.

ISBN if available:            0-679-73337-x


Author:             Stephen S. Hall

Title:                             Invisible Frontiers, Tempus Books of Microsoft Press,

Redmond, WA, 1987.

ISBN if available:            1-55615-172-1