Michael Diercks

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email: first DOT last AT pomona.edu
phone: (909) 607-0864
office: Edmunds 204

Mailing Address:
Dpt of Linguistics/Cognitive Science
Pomona College
185 E. 6th Street, 2nd floor Edmunds
Claremont, CA, 91711

I am an Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science at Pomona College.    

My main research interests include syntactic and morphological theory, and the syntax and morphosyntax of various Bantu languages of East Africa.

I have worked on various projects with Vicki Carstens on agreement phenomena as well as issues relating to raising verbs and noun phrase licensing in Bantu languages.  I am also involved in long-term documentation projects: currently I am working with Michael Marlo and Justine Sikuku to document Lubukusu, a Bantu language spoken in Western Kenya, and am currently a part of a larger project documenting a three additional related languages. This website hosts some of Sikuku's work here.

Some recent work has led to an excursion into the fields of linguistic anthropology, pragmatics, and other kinds of theoretical approaches human sociality and interaction, exploring the linguistic triggers and correlates of social awkwardness. 

teach courses on syntax, morphology, and field methods, in addition to introductory-level courses on language and linguistics.  

A selection of papers and handouts are available for download here.  

My CV is available here.