Work from Justine Sikuku, Moi University, Kenya

Diercks, Michael and Justine Sikuku. 2013. Object clitics in a Bantu language: Deriving pronominal incorporation in Lubukusu. Ms, Pomona College and Moi University. [draft date 9/2013 .pdf]

Baker, Mark, Ken Safir, and Justine Sikuku. 2013. Complex Anaphora in Lubukusu. In Selected Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Conference on African Linguistics: Linguistic Interfaces in African Languages, eds. Olanike Ola Orie and Karen W. Sanders, 196-206. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Proceedings Project. [.pdf]

Baker, Mark, Ken Safir, and Justine Sikuku. 2012. Sources of (A)symmetry in Bantu Double Object Constructions. In the proceedings of WCCFL 30, UCSC. [prepublication draft .pdf]

Sikuku, Justine. 2012. Comparing Reflexive and Object marking in Lubukusu. To appear in the proceedings of WOCAL. [prepublication draft .pdf]