Mary Paster

The following are some of my publications. Please feel free to contact me for copies of papers that do not appear here.


Downstep in Tiriki (with Yuni Kim)
Linguistic Discovery 9.1


Explaining phonological conditions on affixation: Evidence from suppletive allomorphy and affix ordering
Word Structure 2.1: 18-47


Contour tone distribution in Luganda (with Katie Dutcher)
Proceedings of the 27th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics


Vowel height harmony and blocking in Buchan Scots
Phonology 21.3: 359-407


The verbal morphology and phonology of Asante Twi
Studies in African Linguistics 39.1


Aspects of Maay phonology and morphology
Studies in African Linguistics 35.1: 73- 120


Pulaar verbal extensions and phonologically driven affix order
Yearbook of Morphology 2005: 155-199


A survey of phonological affix order with special attention to Pulaar
Proceedings of the 35th Annual Meeting of the North Eastern Linguistic Society


Subcategorization vs. output optimization in syllable-counting allomorphy
Proceedings of the 24th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics


Review of Review of Kaye, Alan S. Morphologies of Asia and Africa
LINGUIST List 19.1357


Review of Olson, Kenneth S. The Phonology of Mono
LINGUIST List 17.1958