The following are resources in Analytical Chemistry:

1.     General

2.     Instrumental Analysis

o    The Chemistry Hypermedia Project at Virginia Tech has prepared an extensive set of on-line tutorials which cover all aspects of instrumental analysis.

o    X-ray spectroscopy with alpha particle excitation has been used on the Mars Pathfinder Mission. The striking results are presented at a NASA site. Details on the instrumentation are provided by a University of Chicago site.

o    There are numerous articles in Spectroscopy Magazine that deal with the analytical aspects of spectroscopy. These articles are available on-line.

o    The Back to Basics feature of Research and Development Magazine includes useful discussions of instrumentation. Click on the Back to Basics ikon.

o    Zoltan Nay at Case Western University have developed the Electrochemical Science and Technology Resource, a rich collection of data and links relating to electrochemistry.

3.     Techniques and Data

o    Chromatography Forum , a service of LC-GC Magazine, is a message board for raising questions on troubleshooting. The page includes the responses to questions presented to the forum.

o    Consult the Web version of LC-GC Magazine for information and informative articles dealing with all aspects of chromatography.

o    The Radiocarbon Lab at the University of Waikato in New Zealand maintains an informative Web page devoted to carbon-14 dating.

o    The Prowl WWW site at Rockefeller is dedicated to mass spectrometry of proteins.

o    The i-mass Web site has feature articles on mass spectrometry as well as links to useful tools

o    Inorganic Ventures is a manufacturer of certified reference materials. Their Web page contains useful information on methods for trace analysis. Consult their Analytical Periodic Table and library of articles for starters in your search of their site.

o    NEMI (The National Environmental Methods Index) is a database of methods for environmental monitoring. In some cases, the full protocol for the analysis of a substance is provided.

o    NMAM, the NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods, provides an extensive collection of protocols for the analysis of a wide variety of substances.

o    An EPA site is devoted to Analytical Methods for Safe Drinking Water.
Another EPA site with analytical protocols provide an on-line access to the SW-846 manual.

o    The Analytical Sciences Digital Library (ASDL Library) is a peer-reviewed digital collection of analytical methods and applications. Teaching resources are also provided.

o    Anders Nielsen hosts The pH Scale, a set of links to essays on pH, ionic strength, and pH calculations.

o    The Energy Resources Program of the USGS maintains EGDB, the Energy Geochemistry Database, which is a compendium of analytical data on a variety of samples such as natural gas, petroleum, and rocks.  A wide range of methods were used to generate the data.

4.     Chemometrics and Data Analysis

o    The CITA Web site provides a thorough discussion of uncertainty in analytical measurements. The document Quantifying Uncertainty in Analytical Measurements is available in both html and pdf formats.

o    Multisimplex Corp. has a web site with links to software and to discussions of factorial design and the simplex algorithm.


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last updated, 3 October 2012