Following is a variety of types of music manuscript paper to download and print out on 8.5 x 11 paper. The format of each file is .pdf (Adobe Acrobat).

Ordinary paper, nothing fancy, suitable for scores, parts, typical music theory assignments:

1. 10 staves evenly spaced, similar to the "S-10" paper sold in the Music Department office, recommended for most music theory homework.

2. Smaller staves, 10 of them, but farther apart than in #1. Useful if you need to write a lot of ledger lines.

3. Smaller staves, 12 of them, closer together than in #2.

Designed for special needs:

4.  10 staves grouped in 5 pairs, similar to the "P-5" paper sold in the Music Department office. Useful in writing for the piano, for example.

5.  8 staves grouped in 4 pairs, landscape format. Like #4, but the staves are longer and you won't have to write clefs as often.

6.  8-staves, evenly spaced, in landscape format.

7.  Solo with accompaniment. 12 staves grouped in threes, suitable for music for a solo with piano accompaniment.

8.  Solo with accompaniment, landscape. 9 staves grouped in threes, landscape orientation, for solo with piano accompaniment.

9.  4-line staves. Archaic type of staff used in chant.

10.  Analysis paper. Landscape format, two pairs of staves and one group of three staves.

Alfred Cramer
June, 2000