MSRI-UP 2010: Elliptic Curves and Applications

From June 12 to July 25 in 2010, Duane Cooper (Morehouse College) and I ran the MSRI Undergraduate Program (MSRI-UP). Our Postdoctoral Assistant was Dr. Luis Lomelí (University of Iowa); while our Graduate Assistants were Katie Ansaldi (University of Notre Dame) and Ebony Harvey (Boston College). We had eighteen Undergraduate Students:

Five of our undergraduate students (Alexander Diaz, Alexander Barrios, Charles Watts, Kelsy Kinderknecht, and Keatra Nesbitt) won awards for the presentation at the 2010 SACNAS National Conference in Anaheim, CA! Below you can find information about our projects, including the final reports, slides and video from the final presentations, and the posters presented at the 2010 SACNAS Conference. Last updated on October 2, 2016.

Squares in Arithmetic Progressions

Encrypting Text Messages via Elliptic Curve Cryptography

ABC-Triples in Families

Searching for Elliptic Curves with Rank 9

Decrypting Text Messages via Elliptic Curve Factorization

Rational Distance Sets on Conic Sections