SUMSRI Number Theory Research Seminar

The Summer Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (SUMSRI) is a program hosted by the Department of Mathematics at Miami University. It is a research experience for talented undergraduate students in the mathematical sciences who are interested in pursuing advanced degrees. Because of the shortage of minority and female mathematical scientists, they are especially interested in, but not limited to, African Americans and other underrepresented minorities and women. Here are links to number theory projects during my five years as the leader of the Number Theory Research Seminar:

Related information can be found at Dujella's Rank Records for E(Q)tors ⋍ Z2 x Z8 page. Last updated on October 2, 2016.

SUMSRI 2008:
4-Covering Maps on Elliptic Curves with Torsion Subgroup Z2 x Z8

SUMSRI 2007:
A Statistical Analysis of 2-Selmer Groups for Elliptic Curves with Torsion Subgroup Z2 x Z8

SUMSRI 2006:
Elliptic Curves with Torsion Subgroup Z2 x Z8: Does a Rank 4 Curve Exist?

SUMSRI 2005:
In Search of an 8: Rank Computations on a Family of Quartic Curves

SUMSRI 2004:
On Large Rational Solutions of Cubic Thue Equations: What Thue Did to Pell