Chemistry 158a:   Physical Chemistry

    Quantum Chemistry and Statistical Mechanics

        Fall, 2010                                                                             (last update: 9/06/10)


                                            Only the syllabus is given here.

        Instructor:    Professor Fred J. Grieman  (Seaver N 112; x18450)

                  Schedule:  MWF 10-11; Seaver Commons 102


         Syllabus (Word file) with lecture schedule, reading assignments,

                                                   and problem assignments


     Interesting Links


            Webelementsperiodictable              Webelementsisotopes

            NISTChemistrywebbook               MagneticResonanceTable

            WaveOptics2Slit                           QuantumPhysics2 Slit         

            QuantumPhysics                          MolsciUCLA 


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