ID1 (9 out of 10 Seniors Recommend this Freshman Seminar: Statistics in the Real World)


Jo Hardin

Pomona College Fall 2010

TuTh 11-12:15, Millikan 211


Office Hours: Mon 1:30-3:30p, Wed 9:30-11:30a


ID1 Intern: Kate Brieger


Office Hours: Sun 7-9p; Millikan 209 (math lounge)



J.B. Landers , from




Schedule (Readings / Discussions / Due dates)


Written Assignments


Thoughts on Writing


Upcoming dates at a glance:


  • Tuesday, Nov 23, 5pm, first complete draft of paper #3 due
  • Tuesday, Nov 23, pizza in class for 12 Angry Men


  • Thursday, Dec 2, moderately formal paper due on 12 Angry Men


  • Tuesday, Dec 7, 5pm, revision of paper #3 due
  • Thursday, Dec 9, moderately formal paper due on OJ Simpson




Other useful links:

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(found by Dawn Bickett)