The Baumgarth Family

Johann Gottlieb Baumgarth (6/22/1766--7/31/1820), the son of Christof Baumgarth & Elizabetha Simon, married Barbara Röhner (1/26/1790--1/7/1840), the daughter of Johannas Röhner and Luisa Allgayer, and had eleven children all of whom were born in Mühlhausen am Neckar:
  1. Carl Christian Baumgarth (?/23/1790--?), married (1819) in Cannstadt;

  2. Luise Friederike Baumgarth (5/30/1792--6/5/1863);

  3. Friederike Philippine Baumgarth (9/28/1793--7/3/1867);

  4. Karoline Friederike Luise Baumgarth (6/2/1795--7/1/1795);

  5. Heinrike Eberhardine Baumgarth (6/21/1796--11/28/1852), married Johann Jakob Wolf (III) in Aichschieß (9/6/1827);

  6. Friedrich Ludwig Baumgarth (5/28/1798--3/8/1850), married (7/15/1828) Regina Barbara Aichelen (d. 3/27/1853) in Böblingen (just outside of Sindelfingen, SE of Stuttgart). He was present at his nephew (Heinrike's son) Gustav Friedrich Wolf's baptism on 1/13/1831, as well as that of Gustav's sister Wilhelmine Wolf (7/31/1832), and is listed in the church records as a Schultheiß und Verwaltungsaktuar (village mayor and administrative clerk) of Kirchhausen am Neckar, just west of Heilbronn. This must have been a mistake, however, given that Friedrich Ludwig's family information is to be found in the register (Family History Library Microfilm) for Neckargartach, a village that lay even closer to Heilbronn; so close, in fact, that it is now (since 1938) a district (Stadtteil) within the city. There is also a "Memoirs 1900" file at the Wisconsin Historical Society written by Emilie Scramm Crusius, who had been a friend of Friedrich's daughter Wilhelmine. Emilie, whose father was the pastor in Neckargartach, recalls that the Baumgarth house stood right next to the Golden Stag Tavern. In any case, Friedrich Ludwig fathered 14 children between August 1829 and September 1845, but only six lived long enough to be confirmed. Each of them ended up emigrating to America: Marie Luisa, Caroline Luise, Pauline, Wilhelmine Angela, Emilie Mathilde, and Hermann Robert. In the entry for Marie Luise, Wisconsin is mentioned as the place of her death (3/15/1885?). Emilie Scramm Crusius's "Memoirs 1900" make mention of Wilhelmine's sisters Pauline and Marie going to Wisconsin and staying with an uncle (Gustav Viktor Albert Baumgarth). She also noted that, before leaving Germany, Marie attended the boarding school at the Kornthal Institute in Wčrttemberg, while Caroline went to boarding school in Vienna, where she stayed with an uncle (Ferdinand Friedrich Baumgarth, see below).

  7. Auguste Caroline Baumgarth (5/1/1801--3/25/1870)

  8. Ferdinand Friedrich Baumgarth (2/12/1803--?), emigrated to Vienna, married on 2/18/1833;

  9. Christian Heinrich Baumgarth (9/20/1805--8/22/1864). According to the Nagold civil family register (see note 30), Christian Heinrich Baumgarth came to Emmingen am Nagold as a schoolteacher and there he married (11/5/1839) Eva Dorothea Geisig (4/5/1818-5/7/1884; daughter of Johann Adam Geisig, "Bürger und Bauer," and Sabine Sinn; died in Wildberg), a native of Biberach (near Heilbronn, 40 km north of Stuttgart). The couple had seven children, all born in Emmingen-Nagold: Franz Carl Friedrich Ferdinand Baumgarth (b. 2/1/1841); anonymous (stillborn: 5/5/1845); Eberhard Gustav Ludwig Baumgarth (5/19/1848-9/9/1848); Anna Louise Baumgarth (b. 5/18/ 1850); Friedrich Gottlieb Adam Baumgarth (5/26/1852); Friederike Heinrike Auguste Baumgarth (3/1/1856); and Wilhelmine Pauline Baumgarth (1/28/1860). The register entry indicates that Anna married (11/26/1874) Gottlob Ludwig Gluser in Wildberg (just north of Emmingen), and Friedrich left for America in 1879. This is confirmed by the Württemberg Emigration Index, v. 2. His application date was February 1879 and his destination, North America.

  10. Johann Eberhard Jonathan Baumgarth (5/4/1807--?), emigrated to Maria Theresian Stadt in Lower Hungary, married in 1838;

  11. Gustav Viktor Albert Baumgarth (2/26/1809-- 9/26/1877). He (along with his parents and his older brother Friedrich) witnessed the baptism of his nephew Gustav Friedrich Wolf (Heinrike's eldest son, who was named after these two brothers) on 1/13/1831 and is listed in the church records as a "soldier of the Second Royal-Imperial Infantry Regiment" (see note 24). At age 27, he married (7/12/1836) Marie Luise Pauline Dreyfus in Stuttgart (or Ebingen near Albstadt, 70 kms south of Stuttgart). Thirteen years later, he and his wife sailed to New York (9/25/1849) on the "Charles Walton" and made their way to Wisconsin, where he became a citizen on September 3, 1855. Gustav fathered seven children and died at age 68 in Troy, Wisconsin. One of his children was Heinrich (Henry) Baumgarth (10/14/1852), who was born in Roxbury, Wisconsin, married (12/16/1877) in Sauk City and died (5/20/1887) in Troy. One of Heinrich's children was Edward Charles Baumgarth, who was born (1/15/1879) in Blackhawk, Wisconsin, married (12/8/1897) in Prairie du Sac, and died (3/3/1956) in Baraboo. One of Edward's eight children was Mildred Evelyn Baumgarth (7/7/1914--3/22/1967) who married (12/24/1945) and had two children, one of whom is Tana Salvaggio. Tana, upon seeing the references to the Baumgarth family on the "Wolf Family" page, provided this information.