Baxter Keyt Wolf, the budding artist

A Christmas gift (1935) from Walter to his son Baxter. Helen Wolf (whose nickname was "Madie") had written the poem the previous year. Walter transcribed it on a mat board framing a picture is of Baxter dressed as Michelangelo. The costume was created for Hoover High's "dress-up day," a part of its annual "Fiesta" celebration.

Baxter (left) painting in the Hoover High School studio.

On the back of the picture, Helen Wolf wrote:


This is such a good picture of Baxter, I
just had to send it on for you to see.
It is the picture that was taken for the daily
paper to advertise public schools week.
Baxter's "Ice skater" that went to Chouinards
is in the foreground on the table.
After you have "met him" and introduced
him to your mother, will you please return this
picture to me.

Carol Ann Wolf Marshall had the following reaction when she saw this picture (March 2010):

That picture Baxter was painting hung on our wall for as long as I can remember
and the "ice skater" had his place on our mantle for years. One of the awful memories
of my teen years, involves a girl friend of mine who casually rested her hand against the
mantle, dislocating it slightly and down onto the floor, crashed the "Ice skater". Mother
screamed in anger and my friend and I were never able to recover our relationship.
I don't blame my Mother for her reaction and it was an accident, albeit an awful one!

Though the painting seems to have vanished, the "ice skater" lives in a shoebox awaiting repair at the home of Ken Wolf, Baxter's youngest. Ken also has six paintings/sketches from Baxter's High School days at his home, all framed and hanging on the walls. His brother Bill has the "Boxer," another ceramics piece.

And Baxter's widow, Ruth Elizabeth Stuart Adams Wolf, treasures the cameo that he made for her when they were dating.
Though his original intention was for it to adorn a ring, Ruth's mother objected and it became a necklace.