Helen Cary Keyt Wolf (July 24, 1894--July 25, 1963).

Helen Cary Keyt, dressed for school.

Left to right: Gertrude Grubbs Keyt, Helen Cary Keyt, Thomas Grubbs Keyt, and William Baxter Keyt.

Standing (from right to left): Thomas ("Tom") Grubbs Keyt, Helen Keyt Wolf, Gertrude ("Mima") Grubbs Keyt. Seated: Caroline Hudelson Grubbs, a.k.a., "Grandma Grubbs".

Gertrude ("Mima") Grubbs Keyt and Carrie Bell Keyt Compton ("Aunt Carrie"), William Baxter Keyt's younger sister.

(from left to right) Caroline Hudelson Grubbs (a.k.a. "Grandma Grubbs"), Gertrude Grubbs Keyt (a.k.a. "Mima"),
and Emma Dejoyles Keyt ("Grandma Keyt") in Denver, 1909.

Helen Keyt Wolf. August 16, 1913. Green Mt. Falls, Colorado.

Baxter's birth announcement

Baxter Keyt Wolf, born November 28, 1917, in Denver, Colorado

Baxter Keyt Wolf's birth home in Denver

Baxter's crib

Baby Baxter Wolf on the lap of his great-grandmother, Caroline Frances Hudelson Grubbs, with his grandmother, Gertrude Gardner Grubbs Keyt, and mother, Helen Cary Keyt in Denver (December, 1917)

Baby Baxter Wolf being held by his grandmother Gertrude Grubbs Keyt, with his two great-grandmothers, Caroline Hudelson Grubbs (left) and Emma Dejoyles Keyt

Baxter Keyt Wolf with his parents, Walter Richard Wolf and Helen Cary Keyt Wolf (April, 1918)

Baby Baxter Wolf at the beach with his father, Walter Richard Wolf (August, 1919).

Baxter Keyt Wolf (September, 1918)

Walter Richard Wolf and his son Baxter Keyt Wolf (September, 1918)

Walter Richard Wolf and his son Baxter Keyt Wolf (October, 1918)

Helen Cary Keyt Wolf and her son Baxter Keyt Wolf (October, 1918)

Baxter Keyt Wolf celebrates the end of WWI (November, 1918)

"Cousin Margaret" Burchenal Rogan (unknown date)

Baxter Keyt Wolf on the first day of school in Monrova, California (1923).

Gertrude Grubbs Keyt ("Mima") visiting Knightstown, Indiana, May 16, 1930.

Baxter Wolf kayaking in Hermosa Beach

Helen Keyt Wolf and Gertrude Grubbs Keyt, July 24, 1938.

Helen Keyt Wolf. Hermosa Beach, c. 1930.

Helen Keyt Wolf at 2227 Hermosa Drive, a home the family affectionately dubbed "The Sea Wolf." c. 1930. The sign on the wall was, no doubt, one of Walter Wolf (Sr.)'s projects.

Back row: Baxter Wolf, "Mama Ernst (Walter Wolf's sister Helen Ernst's mother-in-law), with Robert ("Bob") Wolf in her lap; front row: Walter Wolf and Clara Louise ("Helen") Wolf. Monterey Park, 1923.

From left to right: Baxter Wolf, Walter Wolf (Jr.), Walter Wolf (Sr.), Clara Louise ("Helen") Wolf, Carol Ann Wolf, and Robert ("Bob") Wolf. June 1939, Hermosa Beach.

Brothers-in-law Tom Keyt and Walter Wolf, Sr. Pasadena, 1930.

From right to left: Tom Keyt, Walter Wolf (Sr.), Helen Keyt Wolf, Hazel Freeman Keyt (Tom's wife), and "Gammy Freeman" (Hazel's mother). Pasadena, June 1930.

Walter Wolf holding his oldest son Baxter. c. 1920.

Baxter Keyt Wolf and bear (still in the possession of his wife, Ruth Elizabeth Stuart Adams Wolf).

Baxter Keyt Wolf, age 5. Monrovia, August 1923.

Walter Wolf (Jr) and Clara Louise ("Helen") Wolf, age 2 or 3.

Robert ("Bob") Wolf. Monrovia, August 1923.

Carol Ann Wolf. June 19, 1933.

Gertrude Grubbs Keyt ("Mima"), circled by her grandchildren (left to right): Baxter Wolf, Clara Louise ("Helen") Wolf, Robert ("Bob") Wolf, Gardner Morton ("Bud") Keyt, and Walter Wolf (Jr.) Los Angeles. June 1925. (Barbara Arlean Keyt and Carol Ann Wolf were not yet born).

From left to right: Robert ("Bob") Wolf, Clara Louise ("Helen") Wolf, Baxter Keyt Wolf, Walter Wolf (Jr.), and Helen Jane Pruner, who boarded with the Wolf family at the time. November 2, 1930. House on Hermosa Avenue.

The Wolf family standing by the ox cart at the San Gabriel mission. From left to right: Walter Wolf (Sr.), holding son Robert ("Bob") Wolf, Helen Keyt Wolf, Helen Jane Presser (who was boarding with the Wolfs), Clara Louise ("Helen") Wolf, Walter Wolf (Jr.), and Baxter Wolf (who was already six feet tall in the eighth grade!). August 9, 1931.

Lunchtime in the front yard of the Wolf home at 508 25th Street in Hermosa Beach. From left to right: Walter Wolf (Jr.), Robert ("Bob") Wolf, Baxter Wolf, Helen Jane Presser (a boarder at the Wolf home), an unidentified child, and Clara Louise ("Helen") Wolf. April 2, 1931.

Thomas ("Tom") Grubbs Keyt and Baxter Keyt Wolf. June 5, 1931.

(from left to right) Helen Cary Keyt Wolf holding Carol Ann Wolf with Robert ("Bob") Wolf leaning against her; Walter Wolf, Sr.; Walter Wolf, Jr.; Clara Louise ("Helen") Wolf; and Baxter Wolf. 1932.

(from left to right) Clara Louise ("Helen") Wolf, Walter Wolf (Jr.), Gertrude Grubbs Keyt ("Mima"), Baxter Wolf; Gardner Morton ("Bud") Keyt, Robert ("Bob") Wolf, Carol Ann Wolf, and Barbara Alean Keyt. Glendale, 1936(?).

(from left to right) Baxter Wolf; Robert ("Bob") Wolf, Walter Wolf, Jr.; Walter Wolf, Sr.; Clara Louise ("Helen") Wolf; Carol Ann Wolf; and Helen Cary Keyt Wolf. September 6, 1937 at Switzer's camp (probably the last family photo that included Walter Wolf, Sr.)

Helen Keyt Wolf. Glendale, 1936.

Tom Keyt, Gertude Grubbs ("Mima") Keyt, Helen Keyt Wolf. 1939.

Tom Keyt, his wife Hazel, their daughter Barbara, and Carol Ann Wolf (with her arm hanging out) on Silver Lake (1939)

Bob Wolf, when we was playing football for Hoover High School (c. 1940)

(from bow to stern, starboard to port) Clara Louise ("Helen") Wolf; Harry Corn (friend); Catherine Darling (friend; Carol Ann Wolf; Ruth Adams Wolf(wife of Baxter); Baxter Wolf; Robert ("Bob") Wolf, Walter Wolf, Jr.; Jessamyn Adams (Ruth's sister). Approximately 1940 at Anaheim Landing.

Helen Cary Keyt Wolf (standing) next to son Robert "Bob" Wolf. Seated (from left to right): Gertrude Grubbs (Helen's mother), Betty Wolf (married to Walter, Jr.), Walter Jr. Wolf, Josephine ("Jo") Wolf(married to Bob), Carol Ann Wolf, Clara Louise ("Helen") Wolf, Bob Shanteau (married to Helen Wolf), Ruth Wolf (married to Baxter Wolf, who is probably taking the picture. December 26, 1942.

(from left to right) Gertrude Grubbs Keyt ("Mima") with her great grandson James Shanteau, on her lap,
with proud mother Clara Louise ("Helen") Wolf Shanteau, and Grandma Helen looking on. July 24, 1943.

(from left to right) Baxter Wolf; Walter Wolf, Jr.; Robert ("Bob") Wolf; Clara Louise ("Helen") Wolf; Carol Ann Wolf;
and Helen Cary Keyt Wolf. Christmas Day, 1944, Glendale (1064 Newby).

Carol Ann Wolf and Robert Eugene "Bob" Wolf (c. 1942)

Carol Ann Wolf and her mother Helen Cary Keyt Wolf at Dobb's Ferry, New York (1952)

Helen Cary Keyt Wolf (center) in her element: surrounded by her grandchildren (Christmas, 1957)