Real estate:
Six lots of ground within St. Louis Township in St. Louis County and State of Missouri, being Lots numbered one, two, three, four, five, and six, of Block No. Two of the Subdivisions of the South West quarter of Block eighty-eight of the St. Louis Commons, a plot of which said subdivision is duly recorded in the Recorder's Office of St. Louis County, State of Missouri, containing in the aggregate One hundred fifty nine feet seven and a half inches front, by a depth of one hundred twenty five feet, bounded South by Neosho Street, West by Lot no. seven, North by an alley and East by Pennsylvania Avenue.
Title papers: A Deed made by Adolph Knipper (sp?) and wife to said deceased dated 28th May 1858 and recorded in book 204, page 27.

Leasehold: The Lease of a three-story brick house, cellar and kitchen, situated on the north side of Market Street, between Main and Second Streets, West side of alley running from Market to Chestnut Street in block 33 (53?) in the city of St. Louis, bounded North by Sage (?), East by said alley, South by Market Street and West by Antoine [ ] Chenie for a term of three years from 18 (?) May 1858 at the yearly rent of $1500.00 payable in equal monthly installments.
Title Papers: The Indentures of lease made by C. C. Kübler to Ernst Müller and -----is Reinhardt (sp?) dated 24 April 1858 and by them assigned and transferred to Gustavus Wolf by endorsement of said Indentures dated __ June 1858.

Interest in town property: One share of stock in the town of Havanah in Shawnee County Kansas Territory entitling the deceased to one eightieth part of said town as per certificate No. 38 of the Havanah Town Association.
One share of stock in the addition of the town of Havanah, in Shawnee County, Kansas Territory, entitling the deceased to an eightieth part of said addition as per certificate No. 39 of the Havanah Town Association.

Papers: Policy of Insurance No. 5800 (?) of the St. Louis Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance Company for $700.00 on household furniture.
Policy of insurance No. 203 of the Washington Mutual Fire Insurance Company of St. Louis Mo. for $500.00 on stock of wines and liquors.
Policy No. 364 of Washingtom Mutual Fire Insurance Company of St. Louis for $800.00 on bar fixtures and stock of wines and liquors.

Ready money: $5.25

Shares of Stock Ten Shares of Stock for building the St. Louis Town Hall dates 26th August 1856 for $2.50 each = $25.00

Life Insurance: A Policy of Life Insurance in the German Mutual Life Insurance Company of St. Louis being No. 100 dated --th of July 1959 for the amount of $3000.00 in favor of said deceased.