Ruth with her sister, Jessamyn, and her parents William ("Billy") Stuart Adams and Ruth Lillian Owen Adams shortly after their relocation from Brooklyn to California (1926).

Ruth Elizabeth Stuart Adams and Baxter Keyt Wolf at Switzer's, in the mountains behind La Canada (1938).

Baxter Keyt Wolf (c. 1938).

Ruth on Baxter's shoulders at the beach (c. 1938)

Carl Crueger and Ruth Lillian Owen Adams Crueger on their wedding day in 1940

The Glendale newspaper announcement of the engagement of Ruth Elizabeth Stuart Adams to Baxter Keyt Wolf (December 20, 1940)

Wedding Day: April 18, 1941 (La Canada, California)

Baxter Keyt Wolf (1942)

Clifford John Bradshaw and his new wife, Jessamyn Stuart Adams Bradshaw on the day of their wedding, with Jess's mother, Ruth Lillian Owen Adams (1943?)

Bob Wolf and his niece Linda (c. 1943)

Carol Ann Wolf, age 12, celebrating the end of the war in Glendale.

Linda Jean Wolf, age 3, celebrating (sort of) the end of the war in Glendale.

Walter Wolf in Nara, Japan, right after the end of WWII

Little Linda (1945)

Baxter building the house in Altadena (1945)

Linda helps her dad build the house in Altadena (1945).

Billy Wolf in Glendale (1945)

Linda and her new baby brother (1945)

Ruth Wolf with Baby Bill with the house in Altadena in the background (1945)

Baby Bill (1945)

The house that Baxter built on Foothill Blvd (now Altadena Drive) in Altadena (1946)

Linda Wolf (c. 1945)

Baxter and Ruth, square dancers (1950)

Baxter calling a square dance (1950)

Linda and Bill Wolf (c. 1951)

Snow in Altadena

Baxter and a friend in Sequoia (1959)

Ruth (pregnant with Rick) and Baxter in Santa Monica (1958)

The house on Grove Lane where Baxter, Ruth, and family lived from 1954 until 1961.

Baby Rick Wolf and brother Bill, Santa Barbara (1954)

Christmas at the home of Dick and Carol Marshall (1954)

Beach bunnies, Ruth and Linda Wolf, Santa Barbara (1956)

Bill and Rick and "Los Lobos" in Santa Barbara harbor (1956)

Ricky Wolf and the "Old Spanish Days" ("Fiesta") celebration in Santa Barbara (1956)

Rick working in the garden at the Wolf home on Grove Lane, Santa Barbara (1956)

Bill, Rick, and Bill's friend Richard Marcum at the beach in Santa Barbara (c. 1958)

Kenny Wolf, born June 1, 1957

Kenny gets a bath (1957)

Kenny Wolf at one year (1958)

Kenny at Yosemite, 1958

Ricky in Bill's "hotrod" (c. 1958)

The Wolf family in 1958

Ruth Wolf (1958)

Bill, Rick, and Kenny Wolf on the barge that Baxter used to secure and service buoys in the Santa Barbara harbor (1961)

Baxter and his famous barbecued chicken, on Grove Lane, Santa Barbara

Ruth Crueger in Altadena displaying all the slippers that she had made (1959)

Cliff Bradshaw as Santa (c. 1960)

Ricky and Kenny Wolf coming in out of the rain (1960)

Ruth's children in 1960 (clockwise): Bill, Linda, Rick, and Ken

The new house at 333 Linda Road in Santa Barbara, with Rick Wolf in the front yard (1961)

Moving into the house at 333 Linda Road: Baxter and Ruth Wolf (1961)

Bill and Linda Wolf at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo (1961)

Christmas dinner (1961) in Altadena, with "Braddy" and Selena Bradshaw, Cliff and Jessamyn Bradshaw, Baxter and Ruth Wolf, and Don and Evelyn (Carl Crueger's daughter)

"Grandma Ruth" Adams with her daughter Ruth Adams Wolf and her sons Rick and Ken (c. 1962)

Carl and Ruth Crueger (1961)

The Wolf family in the backyard at 333 Linda Road, all decked out for "Old Spanish Days" (1963)

Rick, Ken, and Tammy (the former barge hound) in the backyard of 333 Linda Road (c. 1965)

Baxter and his barbeque at 333 Linda Road, with Rick and Ken (1968).

Baxter Keyt Wolf and Ruth Elizabeth Stuart Adams Wolf at a Power Squadron function (1968)

"Lil Toot" ready for launch (c. 1967)

Ricky and Kenny watching as "Lil Toot" is launched in the Santa Barbara harbor (c. 1967)

Baxter Keyt Wolf and "Lil Toot" in the Santa Barbara harbor (c. 1967)

Ruth Wolf and Baxter Wolf at their daughter Linda's house in Sunnyvale, California (c. 1972).

The dedication of the Baxter Keyt Wolf memorial gateway at Rancho Alegre Boy Scout camp. From left to right: Rick Wolf, Jim Davis (Scoutmaster and the one who designed, carved, and painted the gateway), Ruth Wolf, and Ken Wolf (September 1973).

Ruth Wolf with her and Baxter's four children (left to right) Rick Wolf, Ken Wolf, Linda Wolf Kubitz, and Bill Wolf (2008)