This page provides links to the structures of molecules discussed in class. The structures come from a variety of sources which are indicated if known. The coordinates of the structures are in the pdb (Brookhaven protein database) format which can be read by the viewer RasMol. Pomona students can download the Berkeley version of RasMol from the directory v:\public\rasmol.

MOPAC is a package which solve the Schroedinger wave equation and calculates molecular orbitals of the valence electrons. The core electrons are handled empirically.

  1. Molecules used to illustrate the Lewis electron dot method.

  2. Molecules used to illustrate VSEPR

  3. Molecules used to illustrate hybridization, conformers, and isomers

  4. Molecules used to illustrate transition-metal complexes

  5. Crystal structures of binary ionic substances

    The bond lengths are not drawn in several of these structures so to show the atoms in Rasmol, set the DISPLAY option to "space filling" or "balls and sticks". The structures have been downloaded from a Navy site and were converted from the xyz format to the pdb format. Rasmol can display structures in the xyz format but your browser must be set to recognize the MIME type (chemical) and subtype (x-xyz) and extension (xyz).

  6. Network covalent solids

    These structures were also downloaded from the Navy site.

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Last updated, 8 August 1997