Philosophy of Law

Philosophy 34, Spring 2007

Yay us!

Class Photo on the steps of Pearsons Hall Left to right, 4th row (top): Andrew, Minsoo, Allison. 3rd row: Michael, Bernice, Brian, Michael, Diana. 2nd row: David, Zhikai, Cameron, Alex, Dante, Stephanie. 1st row: Victor, Nina, David, Will, Catie, Danny, Michael (your host).

Ben, Eamon, Ken Left to right: Ben, Eamon, and Ken

Jose Jose

What is here?

The notes here summarize the main points of a class session. They typically continue the discussion with additional material or thoughts. If you lost a handout from class, you can find it here as a pdf file.

You will also find the assignments, syllabus, remarks about grades, and advice on writing philosophy papers here. Announcements, reserve readings, and the class roster are available through Sakai.