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Professor Richard Elderkin

Department of Mathematics

Pomona College

Claremont, CA, 91711


Besides a very rich and fulfilling family life, the things I find most satisfying are


Like some fine foods, mathematics is an acquired taste. But once you're hooked it's great! Here are links which provide some insight into the world of mathematics. 


I'm already hooked. Here are some things that I'm involved in:


Directing student research.  Recent papers and activities include


Other endeavors in my C.V.

There's an amazing world out there just waiting for newcomers!


The basic cell in the background is "Intrinsic Hexagon" by Lynn Gale, Pomona College '76.  Copyright  2000 Richard H. Elderkin.  Thanks, Lynn!
You can reach me by sending email to relderkin@pomona.edu.