Research Software:

Gene Unscrambler – This program automatically annotates scrambled genes in ciliates, and is available online at: (Cavalcanti and Landweber, 2004, Bioinformatics, 20: 800).

IES_MDS_DB – Developed in collaboration with Thomas Clarke, an undergraduate student in the Landweber Laboratory, this is a database and web-interface of all spirotrichs genes with the Macronuclear and Micronuclear versions sequenced, and is available online at:

Oxytricha trifallax Pilot Genome Page – This is a web interface for the results of the analysis of the pilot genome project of Oxytricha trifallax, available at: (Cavalcanti et al, 2004, Chromosoma).

Educational Software:

The Genetic Code (Flash application) – This flash application shows the genetic code, and gives information about the 20 natural amino acids and nucleotides. It also shows the alternative genetic codes. It is like a periodic table for biologists!
Choose an option from the list below and have fun:

I compiled a stripped down version of this application for use in handheld devices. It works in Pocket PCs with Windows Mobile 2003 and Flash installed. I didn't test it in any other handheld platform, but if you have Flash player installed I think it might work. If you try to use it in other platforms, please let me know if it works.