Genome Consortium for Active Teaching

NSF Summer Microarray Workshops

for Undergraduate Professors

 Georgetown University

      July 6-9, 2004


Georgetown Host: Biology Department, Anne Rosenwald. 


NSF PIs: Laura L. Mays Hoopes (Pomona College), A. Malcolm Campbell (Davidson College), Laurie Heyer (Davidson College), Todd Eckdahl (Missouri Western State College) and Mark Salata (Gordon College).


Additional Instructors: Johanna Hardin (Pomona College) Mary Lee Ledbetter (College of the Holy Cross).


Picture pages: Data1 and Hybridization working on data analysis

                        Hybridization at work in the lab making Cy dye labeled cDNAs and hybridizing

                        Data 2 workshop

                        Group photographs

                        Field trip to DC sites/Georgetown University

                        Tour of TIGR



Assignments: DATA1 , 2, and Hybridization      Hybridization


Computer configuration instructions (ignore if not bringing a laptop computer to the workshop):Downloading the MAGICTool and SAM software  More information about SAM

Note: manuals for both MAGICTool and SAM will be provided in the workshop binder.  It will definitely be helpful if you have at least registered with SAM as a user; that avoids the Stanford-induced delay of getting assigned as a user; see either set of directions above to find out how to register.

The information below is in case you want to try to configure your computer to connect to the Georgetown University system before you arrive: Configuration for Georgetown connection


RNA Quality Control Information:

Our 2004 Total RNA preparations from cells undergoing diauxie

RNA problems visible on gel electrophoresis

Enlarged region of microarray (TMC chip) using these RNA samples


TIGR Visit for DATA2 and Hybridization Workshops