Philosophy of Law

Philosophy 34, Spring 2007

Yay us!

Class Photo on the steps of Pearsons Hall Left to right, 4th row (top): Andrew, Minsoo, Allison. 3rd row: Michael, Bernice, Brian, Michael, Diana. 2nd row: David, Zhikai, Cameron, Alex, Dante, Stephanie. 1st row: Victor, Nina, David, Will, Catie, Danny, Michael (your host).

Ben, Eamon, Ken Left to right: Ben, Eamon, and Ken

Jose Jose

What is here?

The notes here summarize the main points of a class session. They typically continue the discussion with additional material or thoughts. If you lost a handout from class, you can find it here as a pdf file.

You will also find the assignments, syllabus, remarks about grades, and advice on writing philosophy papers here. Announcements, reserve readings, and the class roster are available through Sakai.


What Is Law?