Sample files and other resources



Latex Template – text file, sample Figure (eps file)

Latex Template – output (pdf file)

Sample Proposal

Sample Thesis Outline – pdf file

Sample Thesis Outline – Latex File

LaTeXPrimer – pdf file (from David R. Wilkins)

LaTeXPrimer – web page (from David R. Wilkins).  Contains other useful links.

Art of Problem Solving – Online Latex tutorial, examples, and more.

Harvey Mudd Latex Resources

Beamer Files: Beamer is a Latex class that allows you to make a slide presentation in pdf using Latex commands (so the math comes out looking nice).

Beamer guides:

Zero (shortest: pdf file, 12 pages)  One (pdf file: 219 slides) Two (pdf file: 210 pages)

Sample Beamer presentation from University of Arizona – pdf file (shows how it will look: open in Adobe Acrobat), zipped folder of all source files

                  Source files: SampleBeamerFile (main file), BeamerOverlays, BeamerConcl, BeamerIntro, funmath, bi.pdf

Sample Beamer presentation from HMC – pdf file , Latex File

Jabref “How To” – for generating annotated bibliographies (text file – thanks to C. DuBois, aka “Lance”)

“How to give a good Math Talk” – by Joe Gallian, from Math Horizons.  A nice check list.

Math Talks – from “Concerns for Young Mathematicians” by Curtis Bennet and Frank Sottile

Tutorial on Effective Presentations (University of Kentucky Medical Center) 


Sample Poster in Power Point(one large power-point slide) (thanks to C. DuBois)

Latex Poster Samples: two different sizes, the files ending in ``PO” are for a smaller poster. Change the logos and sizes in the “.cls” files.  Zipped folder.  (thanks to Megan Hunter, Chris DeBoever, Helen Wu).


Matlab Primer – online (Kermit Sigmon, Universtiy of Florida, via UC San Diego link)

Matlab Documentation – links to full set of pdf documents