Chemistry 1b (Sections 3 & 4): General Chemistry   Pomona College

        Spring, 2011                                                                 Chem.Dept.Home

          Last Update:  1.20.11                                                                               Fred Grieman Research 

  Instructor:    Professor Fred J. Grieman     (Seaver N 112; x18450)

        Schedule:  Section 3 MWF  10-11 in Seaver N 111

                               Section 4 MWF  11-12 in Seaver N 111

              Lecture, Reading & Problem Schedule (Word file); 

            Syllabus (Word file); Laboratory                         

   Interesting Links

    ChemistryTextbookSiteWaveOptics2Slit     QuantumPhysics2 Slit       

      Webelementsperiodictable           Webelementsisotopes

       NISTChemistrywebbook            MolsciUCLA     

       Crystalstructureinstruction         CrystalAnimation (BePatient with the download time)



Fred Grieman Research


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