Matthew H. Sazinsky
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Pomona College 




Fall Semester

Chemistry 110A Organic Chemistry with Laboratory

Chemistry 115 – Biochemistry with Laboratory

Spring Semester

Chemistry 115 – Biochemistry with Laboratory


Course descriptions of the above from the 2007-08 Catalog


110A,B. Organic Chemistry. Mr. O’Leary, Mr. Sazinsky, Mr. Vasquez, Ms. Nevárez.  A study of organic compounds, including synthesis and reaction mechanisms. Laboratory includes both synthesis and qualitative organic analysis. Prerequisite: Chemistry 1A,B or 51. 110A, each fall; 110B, each spring.


115. Biochemistry. Mr. Crane, Mr. Sazinsky, Ms. Negretto, Mr. Lopez. Biological molecules considered in terms of their structure and roles in the dynamic processes by which energy and information are received, interconverted, and transmitted in order to maintain life. Laboratory emphasizes techniques and instrumentation used to study the nature of biochemical molecules and processes. Prerequisite: Chemistry 110A,B. Each semester.


Useful Links: Journal of Chemical Education (American Chemical Society)