Matthew H. Sazinsky
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Pomona College 





Office: Seaver North, Room 214
Laboratory:  Seaver North, Room 212 
Telephone:  Office: (909) 607-1011, Lab: (909) 607-9631
Fax:  (909) 607-7726

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Dr. Sazinsky joined the department in July 2007 to teach courses in Organic and Biological Chemistry.  His research activities employ X-ray crystallography and biochemical techniques as primary tools to answer important questions about the structure and function of proteins.  The major research themes are to identify the determinants of metalloenzyme activity and tuning, re-engineer proteins for altered functions and/or expanded catalytic capabilities, and to provide a basis for understanding the biochemical processes in pathogenic bacteria.  Undergraduate research students are heavily involved in the structural and biochemical characterization of specific protein targets.

Matt received a B.S. in chemistry in 1995 from Haverford College, where he was introduced to bioinorganic chemistry by Robert C. Scarrow. He conducted his graduate work at MIT under the guidance of Stephen J. Lippard and earned his Ph. D. in 2004 after investigating the structures of bacterial multicomponent monooxygenases.  As an NRSA post-doctorial fellow at Northwestern University in Amy Rosenzweig’s laboratory, he worked on copper homeostasis and membrane protein biochemistry.


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