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Peter Kung
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Ph.D. Philosophy, New York University
    Dissertation: “Imagination and Modal Epistemology”
    Committee: Ned Block (advisor), Paul Boghossian, Thomas Nagel

M.A. Philosophy, Stanford University

B.S.E., Computer Science and Engineering, University of Pennsylvania







Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Pomona College

Adjunct Instructor,  New York University

Summer Instructor,  New York University

Areas of Specialization spacer

Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology

Areas of Competence spacer

Metaphysics, History of Modern Philosophy, Logic


Fellowships and Grants




Wilson Career Enhancement Fellowship Honorable Mention

Henry M. MacCracken Fellowship, New York University

Peer-Reviewed Articles spacer

“Imagining as guide to possibility,” forthcoming in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

“A neglected way of begging the question,” with Masahiro Yamada, forthcoming in American Philosophical Quarterly

“On having no reason: Dogmatism and Bayesian confirmation,” forthcoming in Synthese

“On the possibility of skeptical scenarios,” forthcoming in European Journal of Philosophy

Work in Progress spacer

“You really do imagine it: Against error theories of imagination,” revise and resubmit at Noûs

“Imagining, inside and out,” under review by Erkenntnis

 “What makes a good skeptical thought experiment?” under review by Synthese

“There is no easy bootstrapping problem,” with Masahiro Yamada, under review by Philosopher's Imprint

“Justification without vindication,” with Masahiro Yamada, work in progress

Encyclopedia Entries spacer

“Modal epistemology,” invited by Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (peer reviewed), work in progress.

Professional Presentations spacer April 2009 Commentary on Jared Bates, “Damming the swamping problem, reliably”
APA Pacific Division Meeting, Vancouver, Canada
spacer March 2009 “Justification without vindication,” with Masahiro Yamada
SoCal Epistemology Workshop, UCLA
spacer September 2008 “What makes a good skeptical thought experiment?” (commentator Evan Fales)
Central States Philosophy Association Meeting,
St. Paul, MN
spacer March 2008

“On having no reason” (commentator Matt Kotzen)
APA Pacific Division Meeting, Pasadena, CA

spacer December 2007 “What makes a good skeptical thought experiment?”
SoCal Epistemology Workshop, UCLA
spacer October 2007 “On having no reason”
11th Southern California Philosophy Conference,
Cal State Northridge
spacer October 2006 “What we remember”
Cal State Fullerton
spacer April 2006 Commentary on Janet Levin’s “Della Rocca on essentialism and modal intuitions”
SoCal Epistemology Workshop
spacer October 2005  “Experiential memory”
10th Southern California Philosophy Conference,
Cal State Northridge
spacer September 2005 Commentary on Masahiro Yamada’s “Action as control”
Claremont Graduate University
spacer April 2005 “Imagination and possibility”
University of California, Riverside
spacer October 2004 “Imaginability as a guide to possibility”
9th Southern California Philosophy Conference,
University of California, Irvine
spacer July 2004 “Imagining, inside and out”
Conference on Knowledge and Imagination,
Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam
spacer March 2003 “How to avoid modal error”  (commentator Josh Sheptow, UC Berkeley)
Harvard-MIT Graduate Conference
spacer March 2003 Commentary on Nico Silins’s “Transmission failure failure”
Columbia-NYU Graduate Conference
spacer March 2002 Commentary on Adam Wager’s “Sensitivity training”
Columbia-NYU Graduate Conference
spacer October 2001 “Imagination and possibility”(commentator Bill Brewer, Oxford)
Oxford Philosophy Graduate Conference
spacer April 2001 Commentary on Lisa Bortolotti’s “Bounded rationality and belief ascription”
Columbia-NYU Graduate Conference
spacer April 1997 “Externalism and closure”
Berkeley-Stanford Graduate Conference
Professional Service spacer

Co-organizer, Southern California Philosophy Conference, 2009–10

Co-founder & organizer, SoCal Epistemology Workshop, April 2006

Session chair, APA Pacific Division Meetings, March 2004–2007

Referee for Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Inquiry, Journal of Philosophical Research, Philosopher’s Imprint, Oxford University Press

College Service spacer 2009–10 Faculty Executive Committee (elected)
Division I (Humanities) Chair (elected)
spacer 2008–09  Ethics Search Committee
 Curriculum Committee
spacer 2007–08 (sabbatical) Political Philosophy Search Committee
spacer 2006–07 Philosophy of Science Search Committee
Teaching and Learning Committee
Asian American Resource Center Advisory Board
Philosophy Department Senior Exercise co-coordinator
spacer 2005–06 President’s Teaching and Learning Task Force
Teaching and Learning Committee
Ethics Visiting Search Committee
Social and Political Philosophy Visiting Search Committee
Philosophy Department Senior Exercise co-coordinator


Philosophy Department web developer and webmaster
Freshman adviser (2005–07, 2008–09)