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These days I post course information on Sakai. I've listed my older courses that had websites, though I cannot vouch for the links on them anymore. For recent courses I've linked to syllabi.

Peter Kung
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Imagination [pdf], Spring 2009 (see »»)
Conceivability and Possibility, Spring 2005

(with Masahiro Yamada)
Understanding and Explanation [pdf], Spring 2010
Psychology and Computation, Spring 2007
The Skeptical Challenge, Spring 2006

imag sem S09
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Philosophy of Mind [pdf], Spring 2009
Philosophy of Mind, Fall 2005

epistemology spacer Epistemology [pdf], Fall 2009
Epistemology, Spring 2007
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Knowledge, Mind and Existence [pdf], Fall 2008

Knowledge, Mind and Existence, with Brian Keeley, Fall 2006
Knowledge, Mind and Existence, with Brian Keeley, Spring 2006
Knowledge, Mind and Existence, Fall 2004

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Problems of Philosophy [pdf], Fall 2008
Objectivity: Is Truth Out There? [pdf], Fall 2006

Exploring the Mind and the Self, Fall 2005
Manifest Image vs. Scientific Image, Fall 2004
Problems of Philosophy, Spring 2005

history spacer History of Modern Philosophy, NYU, Spring 2003