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Research with Undergraduates: Aging in Saccharomyces cerevisiae     

Publications List


                                                  HHMI Modules on Microarray Statistics,

                                                            Johanna Hardin and Laura Hoopes

                                                   Genetic Regulation in Eukaryotes

                                                                           Heart of a Doctor (ID1)

                                                  Wellsprings of Courage (ID1)

                                                   Biographies of Biologists

Vroman's Bookstore Post-doc and student offer on flyer

Creative and magazine writing: 

  Laura L Mays Hoopes, site for Breaking Through the Spiral Ceiling: An American Woman Becomes a DNA Scientist  

 Goucher Quarterly 88:34-38 (fall, 2006) "My Genomics Sabbatical."  

Laura L. Mays Hoopes. “The best Christmas ever,” Daily Bulletin, Morris County, NJ. December 21, 2006.   

"No, Doctor, It Can't Be Arthritis," Arthritis and Joint

California Writers' Club Inland Empire                   


Pomona College Biology Dept Poster Conference, July, 2005

American Society for Microbiology, June, 2005, with Stephanie DeSantiago.

Commencement Luncheon, 2005

American Society for Microbiology, May 2003, with Allen Kuo, and May, 2001, with Selena Cataldo (see also the senior commencement dinner 2003 on this page)

Bird watching

    Spring sunset/sunrise at Platte River...half a million sandhill cranes

    Merritt Island, 2006

Liberal Arts College Admission Visits

American Society for Cell Biology, December, 2003 with Michelle Yuen and Michelle Wu

GCAT workshop at Georgetown University, 2004, on Microarrays

Going to China with Mike for Avery project on Cranes at Nature Reserves

Pomona College (through Avery Foundation) sponsored trip to China: the school children exchange pictures of cranes they have drawn.

GCAT workshops at Morehouse University, 2005, on Microarrays

Going to China with Project Kaleidoscope

Beckman Scholars at Pomona College