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Math 36 – Mathematical and Computational Methods for the Life Sciences – Incarnation: Spring, 2005. 

Students: this information is NOT current!!!

an introductory course assuming one year of calculus – under development, supported by a grant from the HHMI foundation. 

Sample Course Information and Schedule.



Matlab Files

Math 36 FAQÕs

BIO2010: Transforming Undergraduate Education for Future Research Biologists: a report from the National Academy of Sciences on the need for courses like this one.  Check out page 167 É. This is the report from the Mathematics Committee.

What is mathematical modeling? A short powerpoint presentation – suitable for the first day of class.

Modules in scientific computing: modeling tumor-immune interactions

A module that can be used as part of a course in mathematical biology, mathematical modeling, or scientific computing.  Assumes linear algebra and an introductory course in differential equations.  Supported by a grant from the Keck foundation. Authors: L. dePilllis and A.Radunskaya.

Module Overview (contains contents and overview for instructors)

A brief background on the Immune System (background to be read before starting the module)

Introduction to Tumor-Immune Interactions: Slides  InstructorÕs Notes

Equation Development: Slides InstructorÕs Notes

Qualitative Analysis: Slides InstructorÕs Notes

Numerical Solution ODE IVPÕs: Slides InstructorÕs Notes

Parameter Estimation: Slides InstructorÕs Notes

Non-dimensionalization: Slides InstructorÕs Notes

Model Assessment and Conclusions: Slides InstructorÕs Notes


Exercises with Solutions


MATLAB Scripts – a listing.

MATLAB files – zipped archive containing all MATLAB files used in the module.

                        Spatial CA model of tumor growth in tissue – A powerpoint presentation.