Recent Papers
Topological Symmetry Groups

Topological Symmetry Groups of Small Complete graphs
(with Dwayne Chambers), Symmetry, Vol. 6, (2014) 189-209.

Symmetries of embedded complete bipartite graphs
(with Nicole Lehle, Blake Mellor, Matt Pittluck, Xan Vongsathorn), Fundamenta Mathematicae, Vol. 226, (2014) 1-16.

Topological symmetry groups of K_n
(with Blake Mellor, Ramin Naimi, Michael Yoshizawa),Topology Proceedings, Vol. 43, (2014) 209-233.

Topological symmetry groups of graphs in 3-manifolds
(with Harry Tamvakis), Proc. AMS, Vol. 141, No. 4, (2012), 1423-1436.

Spatial Graphs with Local Knots
(with  Blake Mellor and Ramin Naimi), Revista Matematica Complutense, Vol 25, (2012) 493-510.

Topological symmetry groups of K4r+3
(with Dwayne Chambers and John D. O'Brien), Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems, Series S Vol 4, (2011), 1401-1411.

Complete graphs whose topological symmetry groups are polyhedral
(with Ramin Naimi and Blake Mellor),  Algebraic and Geometric Topology, Vol 11, (2011) 1405-1433.

Topological symmetry groups of complete graphs in the 3-sphere
(with Ramin Naimi and Harry Tamvakis),  Journal of the London Mathematical Society, Vol 73, (2006) 237-251.

Topological symmetry groups of graphs embedded in the 3-sphere
(with Ramin Naimi, James Pommersheim, and Harry Tamvakis), Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici, Vol 80, (2005) 317-354.

Spatial Graphs
Asymmetric 2-colorings of planar graphs in S^3 and S^2
(with Sarah Rundell and Madeline Wyse)

Reduced Wu and Generalized Simon Invariants for Spatial Graphs
(with Will Fletcher and Ryo Nikkuni), Math Proc. Cambridge Philosophical Society, Vol. 156, (2014) 521-544.

Intrinsic Chirality of Multipartite Graphs
(with Will Fletcher), Journal of Mathematical Chemistry, Vol 51, No. 7, (2013)  1853--1863.

Unraveling Tangled Graph
(with Catherine Farkas and Wynn Sullivan), Journal of Knot Theory and its Ramifications, Vol 21, No. 7, (2012).

Every graph has an embedding in S3 containing no non-hyperbolic knot
(with Hugh Howards), Proc. AMS, Vol 137 (2009) 4275-4285.

Intrinsic linking and knotting are arbitrarily complex
(with Blake Mellor and Ramin Naimi), Fundamenta Mathematicae, Vol 201 (2008), 131-148.

The y-triangle move does not preserve intrinsic knottedness
(with Ramin Naimi),  Osaka Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 45,  (2008) 107--111.

Intrinsic linking and knotting of graphs in arbitrary 3-manifolds
(with Hugh Howards, Don Lawrence, and Blake Mellor), Algebraic and Geometric Topology, Vol. 6, (2006) 1025-1035.

Intrinsically triple-linked complete graphs
(with Ramin Naimi and James Pommersheim),  Topology and its Applications, Vol. 115, (2001) 239-246.

Intrinsically n-linked graphs
(with Joel Foisy, Ramin Naimi, and James Pommersheim), Journal of Knot Theory and its Ramifications, Vol. 10, (2001)

Topology of DNA
Knotted and Linked Products of Recombination on T(2,n)#T(2,m) Substrates
(with J. Grevet, Q. Li, C. Sun, and H. Wong), Journal of the Korean Math Society, Vol. 51, (2014) 817-836.

A Topological characterization of knots and links arising from site-specific recombination
(with Dorothy Buck),  Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, Vol. 40, (2007) 12377-12395.

Predicting Knot or Catenane Type of Site-Specific Recombination Products
(with Dorothy Buck),  Journal of Molecular Biology, Vol 374, (2007) 1186-1199.